A decentralized technology company with ambitions to take a significant position within the DeFi sector.

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Superhash is dedicated to crafting decentralized softwares for Web3 that leverage blockchain technologies and token-based ecosystems, delivering innovative solutions to a global audience. With their newly launched brand, they seamlessly guide you through this emerging landscape, helping elevate your business. No matter what universe you operate in.

In a constantly evolving industry, Superhash stands out with a distinctive identity system that strikes the perfect balance between bold, innovative, playful, and professional.

A popping, progressive and experimental brand using vivid colors with distinctive typefaces to represent Superhash's wide range of services.

Combining AI-generated 3D characters with keenly-flat surfaces, we created a playful yet professional look. We brought the brand closer to people by using rounded, welcoming shapes and a warm tone of voice.

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  • Ginto Nord by Dinamo
  • FK Display by Florian Karsten

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