We redefined the process of sustainable, urban car washing and revolutionized the car maintenance experience.

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Cleango is a Budapest-based eco-startup commonly known from “Shark Tank”, Hungary’s business-related reality show. Cleango's app is the world’s first car maintenance service that is both sustainable and individually tailored to the lifestyle of customers. The app also provides an unparalleled platform for users to assign washers to their parked cars.

The smartphone-based application saves both time and petrol for customers, while also reducing the ecological footprint of car washing by using only 0,4 liters of water per car.

Our main task was to develop an application as an addition to their already existing web-based ordering platform and extensive customer base. To complement Cleango’s needs, we designed a new app to optimize customer experience, increase their user-base and lay down the necessary foundations for franchise expansion and the penetration of the international market.

We analyzed Cleango and the market itself from every conceivable aspect. It became clear that serving over 10,000 customers and washing 60 cars per day meant rethinking the order process and providing a positive customer experience would be crucial.

During the order process, users can save their vehicles and frequently used addresses, as well as book time slots for washing with various discounts.

The intuitive checkout interface increases user engagement with vehicle-specific service suggestions. We also implemented a lightning-fast online payment solution with ApplePay, a coupon code field, option to tip and add a comment.

Users can easily track the progress of the washing, too, and receive a notification when their vehicle is ready to go!

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